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dorns’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Location: Capetown, South Africa

MapHello Everyone,

I hope all is well. I have finally left the fairies to continue my travels. It was time to leave before I became a full blown alcoholic and never left. Andre and I finished off the rooms (I ll put some before and after pics up soon). If anyone comes to south africa you have o make the trip to Hogsback. Its an awsome place, and Dan and Gem will take good care of you.

Andre and I wemt down to Cintsa for a couple of days to catch up with some friends before I departed the eastern cape. Another cool place right on the river mouth. You sit on the deck eating breakfast staring out over thr beautiful coastline. From there it was back to east london again to organise a bus ticket to Jeffereys Bay. One more night there then the late bus to JBay. The bus trip this time was very comfortable, and they had very recent movies (for a bus trip in africa). They did however give us boiling hot coffee in cups with soft drink non spill lids, like the ones at maccas. This was very handy when you were stiring the coffee but no good when trying to drink it. Everyone was looking at each other wondering how to attack it as we were on the top level of the bus and the road was very rough. Finally a few people including myself took the lids off to be greated by a massive pothole and a burnt hand. The next cup everyone sat it down for five minutes to let it cool off.

I finally arrived in Jbay at midnight and went straight to the bar to have a beer with Fabian the barman who I had met at the fairies. Heres a Tip to anyone planning a visit there, Do not cause truble there. I was mucking around with him after a few drinks and he handed me a motorcycle helmet and told me to put it on so he could headbut me. He had nothing on his head and he nearlyknocked me out.Crazy kid. He was kicked out of the swiss arm for something and isnt allowed back in the country. Funny guy and he can drink like no one I have ever met. The famous super tubes was so flat the you couldnt even catch a wave on a longboard. With no sign of swell on the way it was time to move on.

I met another aussie guy in Jbay and hitched a ride down to Bettys Bay. It was about an 8 hour drive there.The same drive I had done a month earlier on the bio bang bus. We arrived at the hostel who was owned by on of Dans friends. Since leaving the Fairies I have not paid for acommodation, thanks Dan and Gem. It was a cool little place overlooking the beach. We went from there to Ganns Bay the next day to do shark cage diving. That was a really cool experience. The sharks came no more than a foot from my face and I touched the tail of on as it flicked the cage. Amazing. We saw five different sharks and the biggest on was three metres. I would hate to be in the water with a big one. It was back to bettys for another night.

Yesterday we followed the coast around from Bettys to capetown, via capepoint and the cape of good hope. An amazingly beautiful coastline even though the weather here is not great at the moment. Im now going to stay in capetown for a while waiting for my overland trip from here to vic falls via namabia and botswana. I hope the weather clears up so I can explore the place a little.

Hope everyone is having fun at work.