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dorns’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Jun 2008

Location: Capetown, South Africa

MapHello eveyone,

Just after the last message I got a call from my old boss to go the New Bethesda and work the bar at the backpacking south africa annual general meeting. The offer was to good to refuse, free travel, food, accomadation and grog. It was onto another bus for the twelve hour trip to port elisabeth ( the third time Ive done this trip now). The pick up some people and head out to the middle of nowhere and turn left. Soooo bloody cold out there. Everyone who was sleeping in a tent woke up with a layer of ice ontheir tent where the condensation from their breath had frozen. Three funny night followed. Met loads of people in the industry and had several job offers. Getting paid to get drunk, I love it.

It was back to Jefferys bay for a couple of days. Still no swell and the billabong pro is on in a month. I hung around for a couple of days waiting for a lift back to capetown. Unable to find a lift it was another long bus trip, fun.

I am leaving on my overland trip tomorrow to vic falls via namabia and botswana, so I should have some more exciting news soon.

hope all is well.