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dorns’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Jul 2005

Location: Rio, Brazil


im in Rio at the moment after a lot of time on busses. We left BA where we at a lot of amazing steak, drank a lot of wine and generally ralaxed. When you order a steak there you get only a steak, not even a little bit of garnish on the plate. They are amazing though.

We boarded a bus for the 18hr journey to Iguazu falls on the brazilian border, arriving at 12pm. By 1.10 we had checked into a hostel and were headed out to see the falls. They have had a lot of rain at the moment so there was a lot more water than normal which was pretty amazing. Ill put some pics on soon.

The next day we headed across the boarder, careful not to make the same mistake of buying cross border tickets. Then it was onto another bus for the 24hr trip to Rio. Its amazing how big the distances are here. When you consider that the entire land mass of australia can fit into brazil and the entire australian population could fit into sao paulo, the biggest city in brazil.

We are staying in a hostel thats 1 block from cocacabana beach. Its very tough to deal with. I went to a night club in the poor area of rio last night. The hostel organised it, they drive you in a bus to the door and tell you to go straight inside. You are frisked on the way in then taken upstairs to a kind of vip area that overlooks the dance floor. It was quite an experience when you ventured down to the dance floor. The way that the women move when they are dancing is amazing. Then at the end of the night you have to get straight into the bus again. This is an area that taxis dont even go to so a lone gringo walking about is in a world of trouble. Apparently its where they filmed the movie "city of angles". Alot of crime and drugs.

A couple more days in rio then its north to salvador via an island half an hour off shore. A place where the streets are sand, there are no cars and taxis are guys pushing wheelburrows. Should be fun.