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dorns’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jul 2005

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

MapHello everyone,

We are are back in bolivia, stuggling a bit with the altitude and the cold (its not that cold but after the beaches in brazil its a bit chilly). We caught our flight from salvador and colapsed in the airport hotel. Having already spent time in rio and having a flight to santa cruz at 7am the next morning some sleep was welcome.

You have got to love bolivia, the smell of urine everywhere and the fact that there is always something happening. We had just got through customs at the airport when the airportv was evacuated because of a bomb scare. Ten minutes later alñl was fine and we were allowed back in the terminal. From there it was straight to the bus terminal to get on a 14hr bus to La Paz.

The last couple of days have been pretty steady getting used to the altitude again. Pish has been feeling quite sick so it has given me an excuse to sit around and rest a bit. La Paz is a pretty grazy place, you have the richer buisness men walking around in their 1980s buisness suites and then the poorer people in their traditional dress. There are heaps of shoe shine boys who all wear balaclavas due to the shame associated with their job. There are markets everywhere, including witches markets where you can buy all sorts of dead animals. Bolivia is also the only plae i have been where they serve their meals (usually chicken} with rice and chips. Its all about the carbos over here.

In the next couple of days we are heading to lake titicaca and then into peru.

till next time