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dorns’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Aug 2005

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapHello all,

We are in Cusco, Peru. We left La Paz the other day and headed to Cocacabana, Bolivia. It is right on Lake Titicaca, which is an amazing place. Around 9000 square kilometres of crystal clear water. I think it is one of the highest lakes in the world at around 3800m.

We spent the first day just looking around the tiny town with a massive church. They were bleesing cars there, people put all kinds of decorations on their cars and then get them blessed. The next morning we caught a slow boat out to the island of the sun. This is where the Incas believed the sun, stars and moon originated from. We saw the ruins of the convent of the virgins of the sun and the atler at which they were sacraficed, and the rock from which the sun originated. Then there was the 11km walk to the southern end of the island. For some one with absolutly no physical fitness this walk at 4000m nearly killed me. It was well worth it though for the scenery and the hostel at the end. Talk about a room wit a view. This hostel sat on the top of the ridge, we sat on the balcony with an icy beer and watched an amazing sun set.

The next morning it wasa back on the slow boat to cocacabana. We arived back just in time to catch a bus to Puno which is on the Peru side of the lake. Once there we found one of the smallest hostel rooms every. I couldnt even stand up properly in it and you just about had to sit in the sink to get under the shower which came up to mid chest. Needless to say the bed were quite short as well. Early the next morning we boarded another slow boat out to the floating islands. These are islands made of reeds that people live on due to the fact that they got sick opf the people on the main land. They are quite hard to describe so ill put some picks up soon.

We have just booked our train for machapichu on wednesday. This gives us a few days to look around Cusco and the surrounding area.

till next time