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dorns’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2005

Location: Madrid, Spain

MapHello evryone,

Well my south american adventures have cometoan end and pish and i have gone our seperate ways. I have just arrived in spain and am on my way to catch up with nick and packer. I have not had the best start in europe. My plane was delayed by three hours in lima. Arriving at the airport in madrid to find i had lost my atm card and my credit card isnt working. When goodtimes go bad(ha ha).

Since the last instalment we went to machu picchu, which was quite amazing. We the headed to a little desert oasis just out of ica. There we spent a lot of quality time in hammocks doing not much at all really. The people in the hostel were good and the locals were friendly so we spent the majority if our time left in peru there, only heading to lima the day before our flights. Cant really say too much about lima due to the fact that i did nothing at all there. Havent heard to many good reports so i didnt bother.

Hope everything going well for all of you. Till next time.