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jim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Apr 2017

Location: Chichester, UK

MapThe night before India
First thing is i`ve got UB40 in my head so on Utube I`ve got “my way of thinking” playing, this is going to distract me but I love this song
I think I`ll do a desert island disc version of a letter
First Hello, how are you? It must be “giant despair” what you`re going through but at the end of the day you are the asset, when things are straight people will remember the quality of your product , I can`t even get a job with ESL (Britain’s worst contractor-The one with the Red Audi) Lol- It must be something to do with the quality of my subcontractors turning up upon the owners door threatening to harm him lol.
Matt Bianco-Half a Minute
I saw the most wonderful film on the BBC I player- it was called “We`ll take Manhattan, I think-It’s about David Bailey & jean Shrimpton-I didn’t realise what a brilliant photography he is-You should watch it for the brilliant shots of NYC
I`ve been looking for day trips to Agra, Taj Mahal. On Trip advisor they are starting at £70 & when you ask for a firm quote they say £200-so I haven`t booked anything just yet, I may say “f--k it” & go under my own steam
This will involve getting the train to Agra , a Taxi plus entrance to the site-Real Adventure
A challenge maybe lol
Swans way-Soul train
This morning it was very sunny; the front doors of the trailer face east so I took the opportunity of ironing my shirts for the trip on the decking-got some strange looks but it was lovely to be ironing in Sunglasses
Propaganda Duel
Since my new job will be “Working” I’ve been exercising which has involved cycling lots , some press ups (which are v. hard work) but where I live, across the Chichester bypass any journey involves crossing these huge bridges across the A27. Today I cycled to the big Tesco for an eye test. It was fun getting there half an hour early sat in the sun in a motorcycle parking bay & reading a novel – A Paul Coelho called the Witch of Portabello. Funny even though the reserved space is 2 car spaces wide a twat on a big Honda insisted on parking in front of me lol
Talk Talk-Its my life
Today will be packing my bag, I`ve got a brilliant Karrimor carry-on bag that’s got shoulder straps, so its good for the Honda, it will be my longest trip on the new bike but parking at T4 is free & I intend to break the journey at a McD, or similar as 70 odd miles on a step thru can be a bit achey! It’s really fun planning for airport parking , what clothes I’m going to leave in the Topbox , where to stash my (Hopefully) waterproof Parka and warm gloves plus Crash helmet and do I try & leave boots there or do I wear desert boots to India ?
Visage Night Train

Spandau Ballet-Chant No. 1

I won`t be back in UK, properly, until the 17th, I will have so much washing to sort, my new job starts on the 20th, a lot less a month than I was earning but I hope the quality of life will improve , if my body can handle it, satisfaction from being able to control the quality of work rather than steering a bunch of underpaid blokes

My oh My-Sad café
Space Invader-The Pretenders

I love this song -It is on their first album -my then Girlfriend was into the heavy feminist writing of Chrissie Hynde and in the middle of this album there is this wonderful instrumental-I still listen to odd bits of the album even some Joanie Mitchell she used to play lol

Who do you think I was -John Mayer

While correcting my dreadful spelling, I found an album that I used to have on VHS & I gave away to a Coke Addled friend in West London-I thought I would never hear this album again, it’s a tape of a live gig by Alexis Korner & Colin Hodgkinson – A track is playing that I hummed all the way across morocco in 1986.

I`ve been watching, quite by accident, a lot of Bush craft stuff & a Utuber called “rewildyourself” (bloke actually spent a night in a loin -cloth in freezing conditions to prove he could survive with literally nothing)- while he was cuddling his hot rocks he started talking about living outside of our comfort zone, taking cold showers, missing meals that sort of thing.. he asked for viewers to comment on what things they had done outside the box- I can`t say I’ve spent the night naked in the North of the USA but I wonder if sleep walking around Ho Chi Minh city in just a T shirt & a pair of boxer shorts counts lol; maybe get lots of angry survivalists in Cammo paint gunning for me lol.

Sheryl Crowe & Prince-Everyday is a winding Road