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jim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Apr 2017

Location: New Delhi, Indian Subcontinent

MapStarted with the 2 HR delay at Heathrow , mind you got talking to a nice person from Leeds and we discussed travel, Spanish and working in Westminster
Flight was ok, the baby didn't really bother me , food was ok and I watched a Ben affleck film called the accountant; very clever plot but not enough time to tell the whole story but then would I be bovvered?
New Delhi
Monday morning and I've slept ok thru the night
Breakfast here is included, a very big buffet with lots of everything, still taking Anns advice ,I am avoiding meat, which is no real hardship as it seems to be only a sausage of sorts. I've eaten baked beans on toast and a light Bombay potato and a spicy doughnut.
A delight was a chap who had sat at my 2 person table, when I returned with my plate of veggie goodies, I just expected to move to another table but he bid me sit, told me he was a travel courier living in the south of the country and had been tasked to look after a couple up here. He rushed his breakfast down , complimented me on my choice of Indian food and dashed off to catch a train.
Last evening I spent with my new friends Ann & her daughter Mimi , Ann is from Worcester and Mimi lives in Corsham, small world etc. They were on the flight and when they strolled into the park I was in the middle of sorting the room crisis out, Ann , a traveller from numerous adventures, is an easy going ex pub landlady and of course instantly ready to start up in conversation.
When I first saw them at Heathrow they were both in fits of laughter , Mimi claimed not to remember what they found so funny but I later discovered that they had been drinking cocktails , so that maybe was the lubricant.
After I had found my room and showered I was setting off to find a source of cheaper beer, hotel bottle beer is £5.50 after numerous tax and services charges have been added; earlier I had collared Ann & Mimi's courier and asked a) what is a reasonable tip for portage (R 50 ) and where can cheap beer be bought-who should be in the foyer but Ann, she was looking for Mimi ; she asked what I was doing and I said that I was off in search of cheap beer thanks to her courier. She asked me to tell her what I had found after my trip.

I walked a few hundred metres and found lots of street sellers, people sleeping on the street and dogs sleeping next to the people sleeping on the street. I found a restaurant that called its self a bar, I drank some half priced, compared to the hotel , beer and eat a vegetarian cheese in sauce dish , excellent , with naan bread. The meal and 2 beers came to what 2 beers cost in the hotel, service seems to be always added so no worries about tips
I found the equivalent of a Tesco local, no beer to be had so I set off to explore the block a little and walk back to the hotel. True to my word I went to the bar , which extends out to the pool and found Ann and Mimi lounging , Mimi being brave and had been swimming but apparenty the water is freezing ! Around us beautifully dressed Indians attending a wedding reception .
We talked for ages, drank mega priced drinks and agreed to meet the next evening to go for a stroll around the market across the road.

To try and explain where I am is v. Difficult , I guess I'm in the centre of town 10 minutes away from an amazing metro , a colourful walk to the hotel and a shock when you get here. In Kathmandu I remember the hell had a big wall and gates protecting it, a guard dressed in a pseudo police uniform and acting as a human door jam. Here is one better by far, armed guards , X-ray scanners and even a guard sat on the elevator.

You are surrounded by taxis, Tuk Tuk taxis and lots of people asking mid you need this that and the other .

I have booked a car for 2 days , which has costs me £150. Tomorrow Agra, Wednesday touring Delhi. Wtf

More to tell about my adventure this morning

Denise told me that John wouldn't want to visit India because of the poverty , you've seen worse in Spain & Catania; what is truly getting to me is you are constantly bombarded by people trying to sell you this that and the other. I am sat in my 6 th floor sanctuary of The Park and will wait my new friend the Tuk Tuk driver ( another story)

I am going to rest for 30 minutes, pack my bag and check out