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jim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Apr 2017

Location: New Delhi, Indian Subcontinent

MapSo I got to my hotel
The Tuk Tuk driver I had met on my early walk failed to show so after haggling with another, " how much to the pearl hotel ? 100 rupees
I might be white but I'm not stupid
80 rupees
I'll pay 50 and that's your lot
I get here.
This place is so f*****g nosey - I'm at a set of traffic lights in the Tuk Tuk,I've the address of the Pearl Hotel on my lap; next to it is written the name of a chap whose schmoosed £4.50 for a couple hours of guide time.- Bloke looks in and says ‘I know him’, a good man but if you need a guide here's my number -‘Space I need space!
Not quite so many guards here but friendly all the same, I gave a porter a £1.50 tip for carrying my bag to the room, he came back into give me the wifi code and drops the note, later I meet him and give it back
Locally it's wild , noise , people and noise
There's a Seedy bar next door- a sign reminds you not to Carry weapons in!
Twice the beer, twice the strength half the price- my kinda place.
Met loads of people telling me my R10000 is too much for the next 2 days car & Driver
Whatever - I've not heard from the booking people so maybe getting my £200 refunded will be a chore
It's 5 ish so a couple of "cheap" beers
A Tuk Tuk back the the park hotel, more veggies curry , a possible walk thru the markets with Ann and Mimi , maybe, then up at 6 for Agra
I just wish Delhians understood the meaning of personal space , this is what I can't cope with ,the constant barrage of questions it's rude to be rude but it's almost getting necessary lol
I've met some great entrepreneur types, the ilk as the Gangers and bosses I worked with in London. I think I was maybe an Indian in a previous life!