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jim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Apr 2017

Location: New Delhi, Indian Subcontinent

MapIt's been a long day, fed up with the constant noise, thankfully packing my earplugs and hearing the alarm was a joy.
Brekky sposed to start at 7 but I went up and got my stuff at 6.40
Toast, lentil dish with a fried roti bread, candied spuds, I think. All in complete moderation so as not to overload my stomach
Driver was here early, so off to Agra
Passed a new F1 circuit , passed a new elevated metro line
Passed loads of unfinished skyscrapers
Get to Agra , have to take a ricksha (sic) to the west gate, polluters are forbidden with 500metres plus my driver has his parking space, think clovelly type situation .
I get immediately hassled as per Beijing but I'm told to ignore them & I do, I forgot my free bottle of water but collect my over shoes for when I'm at the temple
It's amazing, with beautiful gardens and a toilet that tourists are invited to Pay for but I notice the locals don't. I still thank Bill Cove for always telling me to take toilet paper with me lol
I was early to meet my ricksha driver so I treated myself to a cup of street black tea, please be boiled water was my prayer as my £0.15 was served to me.
One of the things I remember of my Grandfather , he was in India, was him explaining why locals drank tea in hot countries, Grandad I've copied you at last!
Later an irksome wait for my wheels but he arrived , took me to the car, who took me to the marble place, I can't afford £350 for a table but I've got something akin to Beijing for you .
Suddenly I'm told I need lunch, I have a cheese in sauce with naan bread, pricey at £9 but its where I was taken to!
Drive home was hectic as the driver was dozing at the wheel of the car, American style huge freeways so great for dozing off, I convinced him I was thirsty and he took the break to get some caffeine inside him.
Back In Delhi, making plans for my escape Thursday , tomorrow site seeing with my driver, yuk but wtf-
Everyone wants to sell me something but I just want to sit and watch - as a very chatty Tuk Tuk driver explained you are foreign , you look foreign , you can't escape
Tonight the local beer shop is open, the local cheap bar has Indian music on
I would like some dinner