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Jodie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Oct 2012

Location: Keeranur, India

Mapit's been 4 weeks ...

since i was in the air flying to india,
since i ate my ultimate favourite food -cheese - or indeed anything other than indian food or dry foods such as noodles, biscuits, crackers etc.,
since i drank alcohol (i mean, for 4 weeks!!!! unheard of!),
since i saw any friends, family or boyfy, and hence, four weeks since i've had a cuddle,
since i was last cold,
now that i've had my new friends - suresh and family,
of experiencing a completely different country and culture (in almost every way i can think of) - some good, some bad, all interesting,
since i wore makeup, did my hair or wore anything on my feet other than flip flops - ok ok, so the first two points here weren't exactly prevalent to my lifestyle - but you know ...
since i took a big gulp of air and smelled nothing ... there's always something in the air here - good or bad: food, flowers, animals ...
since i was around any kind of transport that doesn't make a honk, beep or a ring on it's bell at least every minute!!
since i watched any csi!!
since i spoke to anybody british (although i sometimes forget christine is indian!), or anyone with white skin,
since i could walk down the street without being oggled,
now i have been unable to imagine life without a fan,
since i used a kettle, toaster, washing machine, hand dryer, hair dryer, microwave, oven, grill ...