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Alana’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Apr 2012

Location: Chicago, USA

Good flight Ė everything on time but squashed in middle of middle row next to a man with very unfortunate B O. Excitement (or trepidation maybe) in middle of trip when there was a call out for a Dr / paramedic /nurse to assist the crew. Never did get told what was going on but as we disembarked no sign of a body (or a baby) so left wondering.
Arrived just after 6pm Chicago time (after midnight at home) which totally threw out my body clock Ė all I wanted to do was sleep but dutifully waited for the promised shuttle bus. Gave up 45 mins later & took a cab with the cowboy girl from hell who cracked jokes whilst driving with her knees & facing me in the rear seat. Rodeo riders came to mind and I obviously didnít tip too well cos didnít get out to take my bag from the boot. Hey ho !! Hotel a little run down but big Queen bed welcoming as body just wanted to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!!!