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Alana’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2012

Location: Chicago, USA

MapDAY 6
………..and my last night here. Nice day at the zoo today & very pleasant bus ride getting to there. Spotted how to get to the Marilyn Monroe sculpture, another (but bigger) Disney store & the Apple shop (several floors of it !!). Noted as places to visit on way back.

Very impressed by the Lincoln Park Zoo – apparently only one of three in the whole of the USA continuing to be free to visit. Still not convinced that I like to see wild animals enclosed – even if they look very well cared for & have imaginative enclosures – glass walls / outdoor spaces surrounded by moats & high walls still seem like prison bars. Fantastic to see children’s faces though as they marvel at the animals. Gary the glum gorilla & family were quite entertaining, along with the more active smaller monkeys whose swinging antics brought squeaks of glee from some very young children observing their show. Clearly a great place to take a picnic as many families were doing just that on a warm day with not too much wind. Whiled away a few enjoyable hours & found my way back to the bus & the stop I had sussed out on the way to the Zoo.

Disney store bigger than the one visited earlier but still over-priced – to be expected on the Golden Mile I guess. Apple store amazing but just too much of a reminder that I don’t have a bottomless purse. Bought a new case for my phone which I later discovered doesn’t fit. Perfect excuse to upgrade to a 4S now though !! Fascinated by a larger than life black guy who looked like he was buying up the whole store & talking music all the while to the sales assistant. I’m sure I should have known who he was & lost an autograph opportunity – what the hell!! Found the magnificent Marilyn sculpture & realised just how huge it is. Why oh why do people find it funny to be photographed looking up her skirt though – nowt as queer as folk !! Jumped back on a bus, got lost & found myself in the jewellery district – diamonds galore but I never did like them anyway – much prefer something with a bit of colour but maybe that’s because I’ve never been able to afford diamonds. Give me a firestone / black opal instead any day.

Wended my way back to the hotel & sorted out the shuttle to the airport tomorrow. Can hang out in my room until noon which is great & then on to the airport. Short stopover in Montreal & then back to Heathrow & the National Express bus home to Portsmouth around mid-day on Friday. Think I’m Chicagoed out for now but looking forward to dinner tonight at D’Agostinos after braving the urban highway crossing. My own bed & a drink in the local pub just round the corner are sounding most fine right now. No more walking miles & miles for a while – even if it is good for me !!