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raymondk’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Apr 2012

Location: Sheffield, UK

MapAlmost ready with a few more things to sort and pack. Thanks to Family, friends and colleagues for their kind donations of clothes, kitchen equipment and of course cash, raised through a number of fundraising events. These resources will be distributed to families in need on the Hilton Slum. Under the direction of the Walk Centre staff I will be visiting families to assess their needs and decide how to spend money to provide the items they most need.

I'm a little nervous about the severity of the poverty there but I know I will be made feel very welcome. I expect to spend much of my time in the school teaching, cooking and organising palyground games, visiting families on the Slum and reporting on the contribution Great Places makes to the Walk Centre projects through its contribution of volunteers and donations from its 'Voice Charity'. In particular I will be looking at land acquisitions and resettlement programme and reporting on how Great Places can continue to contribute in the future.