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raymondk’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Apr 2012

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapIt is a short update today. I have just wasted almost an hour trying to upload 3 pictures but the thunderstorm and power cut (very common) put an end to that.

Today i paid the housekeeper extra cash to do my laundry as me clothes were so filthy from the mud. I spent most of the morning in the kitchen, as the students left we decided it best to pay some of the locals who helped on the build, to finish the house which looks amazing. I was hoping to post a picture of Miriam outside her house but as you know that hasn't worked.

Another big decision was made today, to fund the next semester for James 20yrs who is one of the former Walk Children who is now at business school. He has missed 3 weeks and cannot return until he pays his fees. the walk cannot afford this at present so i have decided to spend Val's generous donation on this. Thanks Val Im sure you will approve of this use! I have asked James to keep us posted of his progress.

Fred and i met with Gladys the headteacher to go through her list of needs which includes stationary, copies of the national Syllabus which the education dept do not provide and sanitary towels. We have again been shopping this afternoon to get the things which are needed.

The last big project we are doing with the funds is putting electricity in the dining hall for use as an after school homework centre (Yes, just like Wybourn) as the high school children do not have the space, peace or light to do homework at home. that will cost about 70 pounds.

Tomorrow i'm off early to the Maasai Mara for safari, so whilst i might make a hearty meal for a pride of lions, i hope to return on Sunday to update on my news later on Monday.