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raymondk’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012

Location: Kenya

MapTuesday 24 April 2012

I left the house and was greeted by two of the children from school i wanted to get there early so i could help the teachers reorganize their classrooms as we has piled the desks and chairs so we could concrete the floors. Iscaiah and Ruth were walking very slowly so I decided to lift Ruth onto my shoulders. It was at this point that i noticed the cold sogginess of her shorts on my neck but obviously it was much to late. When i lifted her off my shoulders at school I has an increasing number of flies around my head and neck! Fortunately I had my wet wipes to clean up. When i turn my head I can still smell the wee on my collar!

Today I was teaching Maths perimeters and areas, chaos descended when i asked the children to measure the classroom 30 children sharing two measuring tapes. We agreed on the measurements but they couldn't concentrate as they were hungry so I have set the calculation of the area as homework.