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raymondk’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Apr 2012

Location: Kenya

MapWednesday 25 April

Lots of excitement at school, all the children were asked to wear uniform today as Amy, Chair of the UK Walk Centre Charity, who is here, wanted to take photos for the website and newsletter. The children looked very smart, the Choir sang and all the Primary and secondary school children the Centre sponsors were there too. The numbers supported is much larger than I would have expected. I had a full class of about 35 children from 10 to 15 years, again I was impressed by their intelligence and commitment to learning.

I spent most of the afternoon roaming Internet cafe to cafe trying to download previous research I had done in the UK so I can work of line at home. Eventually I had to phone the IT help desk and Clare who came to Kenya, and knows the internet problems, was a fantastic help. She set up a googlemail account from which I could download my documents. Unfortunately by the time I could access them the battery on my laptop ran out.

Amy and her boyfriend Chris had taken the family out for dinner so I had a good chat with Boniface who cooks at the house. Boniface is a very bright 17 yr old who is sponsored by the Walk Centre. He was orphaned when we was 10 and was separated from his 3 sisters who he has not seen since as they live in Western Kenya, he lives alone in a 1 room house. He wants to be a Psychiatrist to 'rescue people in despair' he is exceptionally clever and later Alex told me he came within the top 5 in his class of 87 children. Boniface told me he was saving for a 2nd hand push bike so he can see his elderly grandparents and cycle to school. I was delighted to make a contribution to help him with his goal. I hope to see his bike before I leave.

Thursday 26 April

I arrived at school at the start of assembly and the children were singing. Caroline, one of the teachers asked if I would inspire the children or recite a biblical story. Clearly I was unprepared and had to come up with something for the expectant eyes of 130 children! Simple is best; so I told the children, God wants us to recognize the talents he has given us and use them to the best of our ability, whatever these are. I emphasized the Importance of them working hard at at school and helping their families. I think they got it once they had been given the Swahili translation!

After class I walked to town alongside the railway track, Sam Cooke's 'Stand by me' came to mind as I remembered the boys from the film doing the same.

More internet frustrations in town, so after a bit of business, I took a motorbike taxi to Hyrax Hill a neolithic site where archaeologists Dr Leaky & his family discovered the oldest remains of homoerectus providing evidence that East Africa is where modern humans first evolved. It is a beautiful site and I was alone enjoying a 360 degree view over Lake Nakuru, the town and in the other direction views of the Menengai volcanic crator. I walked back to the main road where I got a very slow and jerky motorbike ride back to town.