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raymondk’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Apr 2012

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

MapSaturday 28 April 2012

It has been an eventful few days, busy at school. I have now taught the senior class (who are on holiday from school, but come for lessons and food at the centre). Friday was geography, I drew a world map on the board and we discussed the oceans, continents, Equator (which crosses Kenya about 40km from here), the poles etc.
I enjoyed it and really hope the children got something from it. Today Fred and I went to the veg market to buy the vegetables for todays meal. I love this place which has to be one of my favourite places here. It is so busy noisy and good humoured. The children had another Saturday meat treat.

After lunch Fred & I hired a motorbike and went up to the Menengai crator it is a few km from here and is the worlds second largest. Half way up the chain came off the bike I looked on making very unhelpful concerned noises and held the wipes for Fred to clean his hands. We started again but it was too risky over the rocky terrain, so he stopped, we went back down and waited for his friends to come with another bike. Eventually we made it to the top on the new bike.

The Crator was spectacular it is over 90km and falls 485m from the edge. In the bottom are 3 natural geysers steaming constantly. And the bowl is full of thick lush vegetation. On the way down I recorded video of the the top part of the decent but it was too hazardous to continue so I had to cling onto the bike with both hands.