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raymondk’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 May 2012

Location: Nairobi airport, Kenya

MapJust a quick note to thank everyone for taking such interest in my trip and the work at the Walk Centre.

Did the final shopping for food and medicines yesterday. We had a good meeting about the project and the role of Great Places. Unfortunately due to the heavy rains we could not make it up to the land GP helped to purchase to resettle families from the slum to move to. However we talked about possible ways the company can contribute in future.

Today we met the District Chief Officer about encouraging the families to make the move off the dump site and onto the land. They want to move but are established there and need to decide if they are going to take up the offer. We will hear progress when Alex and the District Chief meet with the families next week.

Amy, Chris and I went to the centre for the final time this morning where we were given very touching letters by the children who sang and made thank you speeches. It was very moving indeed.

I'm now at the airport waiting to board the flight home.

It has been a truly amazing experience and I wish to thank the Walk Centre and Great Places for making it possible.

Thanks Raymond