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newman family’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2012

Map1st installment for today: it has been quite the interesting day, making our way towards the grand canyon. Right now, we are the only customers (possibly in the last decade) at the Hilltop route 66 cafe. There is one little navajo man here running the place, including all the cooking, so we tried to keep the orders simple. We are off of Route 66 but I haven't yet given my spiel on the old road. (Always the librarian's daughter). We felt too bad for the guy to leave, and we are trying to avoid chains.

We just left the painted desert where we ran into our friends the warrings. Total coincidence. I heard someone yell for Maggie and before I knew it she was running into her little friend macey's arms. The painted desert was amazing though brief and the petrified forest was just as Mom remembered it from our trip. :). The mist excitement at the petrified forest was when Raney was goofing around, flung his hand back and got stuck by a few dozen cactus needles (having punched a huge cactus plant by accident). no worries -- I pulled each of them out with a big yank and slapped on some neosporin. A day is not complete without one of us needing a little neosporin.

More when we have internet access...