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newman family’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

Location: grand canyon arizona

Map1st installment for today because we are on a shuttle headed towards the trailhead of kaibob trail at the grand canyon. More about our first night at Hull Cabin later since that can't be described quickly and without considerable editorial comment.

So the grand canyon. We headed in this morning from sort of a back entrance through the kaibob forest. We were literally in the middle of the somewhat dense forests and then quite suddenly we went round a curve and there it was. Amazing. Amazing. I think that I was worried that the rest of the clan, none of whom have seen it, would be disappointed after all of my hype. No chance. This is my fourth trip to see it and today it brought tears to my eyes. Even despite it being just almost too hard to grasp, the kids live it. We took a nice walk, got sort of lost, got lunch and bought Maggie new socks to replace the ones that I just noticed she wore down to holes. Now we are finally taking our hike, loaded down with water, cameras and power bars.

More to come....