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newman family’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

Location: grand canyon arizona

MapSecond installment: the kids did a classic rendition of "are we there yet?" For our first fifteen minutes on the trail which was a somewhat steep traverse down into the canyon. Than I mentioned that we had only been gone for 15 minutes. They were great hikers after that and we did about a 2 hour hike. We saw a few California condors, back in the canyon thanks to a big condor restoration project.

So Hull Cabin. First let me say that it is close to the canyon, in a lovely forested area with basically no people and is a historic building having been built around 1870. It is pretty cool in concept. Now here is how I earned the merit badge that will go alongside the one that I got when I camped with 2 toddlers when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Short break for today's medical event. Aidan just had a nose bleed. No big deal. Dry air.

So back to my short experience as Mrs, ingalls. No electricity buy we do have propane. Raney is my bunkmate. My workout this morning involved steps-UPS and pushups and various other exercises on a big log lying on the dusty ground. We have an outhouse. I need not say more but I will add that I actually thought about whether using clothes pins for our noses would be a possible option. It is rough living for a few days but we are together and having a ball (and I have already divided my plan for "making up for roughing it").

On the side, the kids have been reading and drawing and making survival bracelets (today's version of those bracelets that we always got on the cape).

Love. J and fam