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newman family’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Jun 2012

Location: zion ponderosa utah

MapHopefully my photo page is up and running so there are a few shots of the kids at the grand canyon. My iPad does not seem to be capable of doing the blog so I am left with just my phone to make entries, including any photos.

We had a beautiful ride from the grand canyon to Zion yesterday, through amazing Ted rock canyons to spots where the contrasts between the red rock and lush green vegetation sticking up was almost too hard to believe (names of the towns like Hidden Springs explained how this was possible. We rode through Navajo country with periodic (and pretty pathetic) roadside stands selling to the white peoples' affinity for buying anything native American when out here. Lake Powell is really quite pretty once you get past the fact that it is created by damming up the Colorado river.

The Zion ponderosa was where aidan got his glimmer back in his eye. Only kidding but seriously he was smiling ear to ear dribbling a basketball to the little court where he played with Raney. Mags and I played on the beach volleyball court. The food at the only restaurant where we have been eating every meal is quite good.

Today we have done a bunch of activities. While aids and I played bball, Raney and mags and Christian did the climbing wall. You should have seen little mags make her way to honk the horn at the top. We played pool, ping pong, fussball. The highlight for mags and Raney was the zip line -- they are harnessed to a zip line that let's them soar across part of the ranch. Then all the kids did mini ATVs - like 4 wheel motorcycles. Maggie took a spill but she us fine. She is absolutely the gutsiest! She brushed herself off and got right back on. All three boys are headed to do paintball right now (FYI, Raney and I contrived a plan to get uncle mike, Joe, Katy, Mary and kerriann to do paintball).

Here at the ponderosa it is very wooded and fairly green. We haven't even set foot in the national park yet - tomorrow. It's been good to let off some steam with all of these activities. And of course we are thoroughly enjoying our bathroom.