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newman family’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Jun 2012

Location: zion ponderosa utah

MapWe had a lovely drive from the grand canyon yesterday, through incredible red rock canyons to areas where the it looked like the earth was just splitting down the middle. We drove through navajo country with little roadside shacks carrying native American mementos. In some areas the contrast between the intensely red rock and the lush green vegetation springing out seemed almost unimaginable. We drove past lake Powell which is really quite pretty. A weird story since it is now a water "Disney world" all thanks to fanning up the Colorado river.

Zion ponderosa is a family resort before you get to the entrance of Zion. The cabin is quaint and clean and in the middle of tons to do. You have never seen a kid so happy as when aidan stepped into their basketball court and started shooting. Today mags and Raney did wall climbing and both reached the top. They also did a zip line which involves them getting harnessed to a line and soaring across part of the ranch. Aidan opted for more bball. All the kids road mini all terrain vehicles. Maggie got going a little too fast and fell off but got right back on and she is fine (wow, is she tough). We have played pool and fussball and ping pong and are doing the pool later. The boys are playing paintball now (FYI Raney has a plan to get uncle mike and Joe, Katy, Mary and kerriann to do paintball in ny).

Love to all...