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newman family’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Jun 2012

Location: zion national park

MapWe played mini golf last night but it was our fastest round ever - it was freeeeezing out there.

We got up early this am and hit the road for Zion national park. The winding road toward the Lodge, where we planned to meet the warrings, was gorgeous. Red rock and checkerboard patterns and incredible cliffs. There are two tunnels, one that is Like a mile long, at one point the longest tunnel in the us. One of my thoughts in winding our way down into the canyon was that I can't believe that I rode my bike in and out of this place.

We did a couple of beautiful short hikes with the warrings and then did another after they hit the road. There were several wateringfalls coming down from nowhere it seems. every once in a while there is a cactus; every once in a while an amazing blooming flower (that I am sure mom could identify but I haven't a clue).

Mire hikes tomorrow...