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newman family’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Jun 2012

Location: sedona arizono

MapSorry for my lack of entries over the last few days but the plague kept us out of commission for a day or so. Sedona's red rocks are incredible though the drive into Sedona seemed more like Colorado with tall trees and mountains on all sides. Sedona is quite developed and luxurious -- just what we need at this point.

Posted some pics of our detour to do some zip lining yesterday. Otherwise spent the whole day driving through incredible sites. The Vermillion cliffs are just stunning. Almost fake looking.

When we got into Sedona, the boys played 9 holes of golf in the lovely par 3 that is right outside our patio door. It's an old-ish hotel but nice and in the middle of red rocks and a great golf course. Despite having lost many golf balls, aidan us now obsessed with going to hit more balls.

More later...