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Saturday, 16 Jun 2012

Location: sedona arizono

MapSedona was terrific yesterday. Maggie and I had a morning of poking around the many, many shops of Sedona while the boys did a mountain bike ride on the red rock hills and trails. The.shops were a mix of t.shirts and native American art and jewelery and crystals with reported mystical power. I would definitely go back to Sedona. We had di
nner at a great Mexican restaurant (though Raney was disappointed at the absence of queso on the menu).

The missing days: biological nightmare is I think how Christian put it. Suffice it to say that I wouldn't be surprised if our names were on some sort of Zion ban list. The day after our recuperation day, we got out to do an amazing hike on the narrows, the boys a little further than Maggie and I made it. It was maggie's bday but she wasn't not quite at full speed. The narrows are incredible with much of the hike in water. We even rented walking sticks to help with balance and, for the boys, special water boots.

It was a great vacation...