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Liz and Jacqui’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jun 2012

Location: Spain

MapWaking this moring at 7am to 26 degrees - lovely!

As usual we are having a lovely time here with Bernie and Loobie. We have been out in the sun and in the pool already. Great, great fun and very relaxing. We´ve just popped in to an internet cafe so I can sort out a few caches to look for - they are humouring me for sure! Anyway, the fantastic man here has aweseom English and he is suggesting that B and L could teach him English (it is already great!) and he could teach them Spanish when they move here. He used to be a teacher - we just can´t help ourselves can we :)

We went out for dinner last night and for a short walk while it was cool enough to move, don´t think there will be much walking in the heat today - not sure when the geocaching will be done!

Plan to go into somewhere in Benetexell to watch Spain in their next Euro game so that will be fun .

Right, off for more heat, books, sun and relaxation (and maybe a cache or too if I can handle the heat and convince someone to drive me).

Liz would write something but she has gone off to find a cold drink already :)