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Liz and Jacqui’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Jul 2012

Location: Kilkenny, Ireland

MapFriday 6 June. Kilkenny.
Flew to Ireland today, picked up the rental car, the friendly gps, and on to Kilkenny. Nice uneventful drive even if a bit damp! Watching the news tonight it looks like we have it way better than England. We did a fabulous walking tour of
Kilkenny this afternoon, learnt lots about the history of the area & some fun facts like one of the mayors had 25 children and Kilkenny actually means church of canice (kill means church and somehow canice has been anglicised to kenny!) We saw the market cross, the butter slip where they used to sell dairy produce in the shade, the shee alms house, the beautiful Black Abbey, St Mary's cathedral which was converted to a protestant church after the reformation but is now not used at all. The Black Abbey was mostly destroyed and half of it has been restored. When they were restoring the nearby St Canice cathedral they found an expensive alabaster statute hidden in the walls. It is thought that those in the church knew that Cromwell was coming along destroying everything so hid it really well! After the tour we visited Rothe House which is restored by the archaeological society and was fabulous. A highlight was the antlers of an extinct giant deer which were mounted above the fireplace at the height it would have been is standing. Massive!

Drying off in the hotel so Liz doesn't get sicker and then we will head out to get some time dinner. I'm keen on the oldest pub in Kilkenny where the landlady had 4 husbands by the
she was 44! The step children started to get suspicious and the church investigated. Of course it was alleged she was a witch and she, her son and servants were imprisoned. The landlady escaped and was never found, the son bought his way out and the servants were burnt at the stake. Sounds like a perfect place for a drink or bite to eat :) We are counting on good street lighting as neon signs are not allowed in Kilkenny - even the golden arches of McDonalds are made of wood!

Looks like the rain might follow us around, might come home with webbed feet...