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Dannielle & Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Aug 2012

MapThe Brown Wolf and I have been planning to go overseas since the start of the year, initially we were going to Croatia sailing, then the pigmently challenged of the two of us decided 12 days on a yacht on the Mediterranean sea would not be the optimum decision.

Because we have both travelled a little, we tried to pick a country where we’d not previously been. We threw a few countries about and came up with Russia or Syria. Russia it was!

Next thing was to get our visa’s sorted. This was quite a lengthy ordeal. You have to be invited by the Russian Consulate to travel into the Russian Federation so we had to complete an online voucher (that was in Russian) to then be able to fill out the forms for our actual visa. A few hours and a bottle of Cab Sav later, then another 3 more attempts to get the dates right (without the Cab Sav this time) plus $110 each and we were organised.

We have been joking about being KGB agents for a while now (much to my father’s dismay) and so decided to give ourselves these code name and suspiciously whisper into our fabricated two-way radio “Come in Brown Wolf, I have a visual on the Kremlin”, although – knowing us it will be “Come in Red Fox, I have a visual on some Vodka”. I hope Vlad has a sense of humour and doesn’t throw us in some prison in Siberia.

So we fly directly into Moscow (via a day and a half in Dubai) ready for our 8 day tour of Russia. Days 1-2 are in Moscow, 3-4 in Suzdal, 5-6 in Novgorod & 7-8 in St Petersburg.

Think Vodka, Caviar, Beetroot Soup, Red Square, The Kremlin, Faberge Eggs, Tsars, ornate onion dome buildings, communism, The Cold War, Rasputin, Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy, Marat Safin *insert woof whistle*, Alexander Pushkin, Yuri Gagarin, The Romanovs, a set of dolls inside a set of dolls, inside a set of dolls. You get the picture. We will try and experience it all in 8 days. Flights are booked and paid for, bags are at the ready to be packed. We depart Trundle on the 14th of September.

Churchill once said that 'Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma' but I think Brown Wolf & Red Fox should get to the bottom of it.

Red Fox out.