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Dannielle & Di’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Sep 2012

Location: United Arab Emirates

Map15th September. Dubai
The story so far

5am arrival into Dubai. A balmy 38 degrees and our lovely hostess pip picks us up from the airport. Customs showed no sense of urgency as an ever growing queue waited over an hour. We think the Arab work ethic is - if the queue gets bigger, we should have a tea break!
Pip and Dean have a ski boat so after a quick snooze we climed aboard and sailed around Dubai harbour. The red fox attempted wake boarding for the first time and decided to rename it face boarding and will be sticking to skis. The brown wolf tried knee boarding, very successfully, however no knees were involved.
Onto the burj al kalifa and cocktails and falafels in the worlds tallest tower.
Quick sleep, then a death ride taxi.. He was really driving it like he stole it. But Allah be willing, we arrived at the Atlantis on "The Palm" for our swim with the dolphins.
Brown fox and red wolf must have bern looking particularly gorgeous that day and after being hit on by the South African dolphin trainer and called sweethearts we got to meet the lovely Tina. Our very own dolphin for the morning. Tina was lovely and swam/kissed/danced with us. Even letting us swim on her back. Much more successful than the wake boarding attempts.
Currently the red fox and brown wolf are enjoying the crisp, clean taste of a peroni (can this be written off as market research for red fox??) at Dubai airport. Discussing our theory that Russian women fall into 2 catagories. Patterned stocking, trench coat wearing, tall blonde gorgeous ones. And ones that look like they could hurl a shotput 37 meters.. We're not there yet but will keep you posted.
Brown wolf and red fox out!