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Dannielle & Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Sep 2012

Location: Moscow, Europe

MapOur arrival into Russia was queue jumping 101 lesson. Apparently the way to make the visa check in quicker is to blatantly ignore the 50 other people waiting patiently in line & simply put yourself at the beginning. This system worked a treat for everyone except Brown Wolf & Red Fox who were at the end of the line until the wee hours of the morning. The English in the Brown Wolf made it impossible for us to jump the queue. She did follow closely behind Red Fox whose tested patience and hight elbow throwing got us to the front of the line (eventually).
To our airport transfer! After negotiating the masses of taxi drivers we found our driver Ivan, who was a man of few words, in fact we made his name up as he didn't introduce himself, or crack a smile, in fact we were not sure if the man had teeth. Luckily he also drive like maniac & road raged a little at the man blocking his car park, just to set ourselves at ease.
Found our hotel & had a lovely rest.
First thing (at the crack of 10), we meandered down in to Moscow town square. Saw the impressive Kremilin (which we'll see tomorrow) then walked along the river behind to the Kremlin to see Red Square which was magnificent! St Basil's Carhedral was so colourful, spectacular & full of a vibrant history. Will post photos soon. Headed to the KGB headquarters to check in for our mission.
Red Fox out xx