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Dannielle & Di’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2012

Location: Moscow , Russia

MapWe met up with out tour & guide Anya. Then off to dinner at a Belorussian restaurant for some kind of meat & potato dish & massive beers. Delish!
Then onto the metro to see the amazing decorated train stations around Moscow. From beautiful frescos to intricate mosaics, they are brillent in comparison to any we have seen before.
The Brown Wolf & Red Fox have broad assumptions to make about Russia people: 1. We were correct in thinking Russian women were either shot putters or super models, they all start out as super models then turn into shot putters as they grow older. 2.Russian men however start out life with what appears to be an unfortunate forcep injury swiftly followed by a thwack in the forehead with a spade, then a run in with a hammer & sickle. 3. I firmly belive that Marat Safin *insert wolf whistle* isn't in fact Russian...Not the most gorgeous of people.
None the less we forge on to the Kremlin in the morning. From coronation outfits, cathedrals, medieval attire & royal carriages to "the" faberge eggs, the Kremiln was spectacular.
We then adjourned to the park for a $2 beer we bought from the local supermarket, much to the amusement of the local authority. Then a few quick beers at a pub along the way & dinner at a traditional Georgian Restaurant, whose dinner was lovely until the bill-vodka discrepensy...
Headed to Suzdal in the morning.
Red Fox out xx