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Dannielle & Di’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2012

Location: Suzdal, Russia

MapPeaceful Suzdal
We headed out of Moscow at lunch time, it took 2 1/2 hours just to get out of the Moscow region! The size of Moscow is massive & looks very run down once you get out of the main centre. Lots of soviet looking apartment buildings, concrete, bleak
& exactly the same as the one next to it. The traditional houses are made from wood with 3 or 4 small windows at the front with carved wooden window frames around it. We drove through the city of Vladimir which looked equally as bleak as the apartments in it. Then through very pretty English looking country side, to the town of Suzdal. It looked like a dairy farming area. Suzdal is a very old town & was once the capital of Russia. We had a local tour guide that showed us the monetary, wooden architecture museum & Kremlin. We had dinner with a local lady who fed us Borscht & homemade Russian food then showed us how to make Russian sugar pastry. Delish! Back to her place for lunch the next day and a sauna at the guest house we were staying at. Back to Moscow that night for the overnight train to Novgorod.