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Dannielle & Di’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Sep 2012

Location: St Petersburg, Russia

MapMuch easier to get off the train this time. No vodka or strange injuries. St Petersburg is gorgeous. After we orientated ourself with the city we climbed 262 steps up to the top of St Isaac's Catherdral to see the panorama of this very European city. Went for a traditional meal of pancakes and caviar. This was in a traditional 'soviet' house. In soviet times they brought everyone in from the country and divided the property up so many families would share one dwelling. The house that we went to would have housed many families but this family has managed to buy the rooms back and live in with just their family.
On the Caviar - Note to self. Caviar tastes like arse. Really salty, fishy and pops in your mouth. Mmmm salty fish taste. Disgusting. Only made worse by being wrapped in a pancake.
The next day we went to the Hermitage Museum. Words cannot describe the beauty and oppulance of this place. Red Fox and Brown Wolf decided that there was no way this was divided up for the masses to live in. Stalin managed to sell off 250 of the greatest and most expensive of the artworks so he could finance the military. Still impressive. A few Da Vinci's and Romanov's portraits later - our final meal in St Petersberg followed by a 1am river tour of the city.
This country has been amazing. Red Fox and Brown Wolf have had a blast. We must make the following observations:
1) Russian people are cranky and never smile. This might have a bit to do with their terrible history.
2) They do not know how to queue, the push, shout and give you Russian face (no emotion)
3) Russian men are very unlucky in the looks department. Except for Marat Safin "insert wolf whistle"
4) Russian women have their make up gun settings turned to 'whore' 6 inch stilletoes are the norm and patterned tights and trench coats are a must. Followed by a perfume bath (Yeah, we were right).
5) Vodka is evil
6) Russians are very secretive. Thats why they talk a lot into their collars.
7) Vlad Putin is disliked by all - but you can't say that very loudly.
8) It was so fun. You should come for a visit.

Next stop.. London town
Red Fox and Brown Wolf out.