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Alexa’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Location: Victoria, Canada

MapYou know, I do actually do a bit more than just run around Beacon Hill Park taking pictures of flowers. Lately, for instance, I've seen a couple of parades and watched cricket being played in the park, checked out the start of the summer farmers' markets, taken part in a major disaster preparedness exercise where I actually played with (er ~ trained with) a non-electric version of the jaws of life and learned tons about search and rescue operations. But somehow my camera only seems to be with me when I'm in the park checking out flowers!

Well, I'll do my best over the next little while to take my camera along for the non-flower stuff and leave it at home for my now almost daily park wanders until new flowers substantially change the landscape in the park again.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of new flower pages up. At least I did manage to take some pictures of the new handrails along the Ogden Point Breakwater the other day, the first non-flower shots in ages.