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Alexa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Aug 2013

Location: Vancouver & Savary Island, Canada

MapI think for most Canadians the August long weekend pretty much begs for some sort of travel. It certainly has pretty much always done that for me, and this year was distinctly one of the best little trips I've ever taken for it. One of the neatest things about it this year is that I didn't have to travel very far, merely hop the ferry from Vancouver Island over to the mainland and Vancouver the city.

I was lucky enough this year to be able to tack a couple of extra days onto the long weekend, and I used that time revisiting old Vancouver haunts. While I have made it back at least yearly for the past five years since moving away, my trips have typically been about picking up friends and provisions and then heading out of town camping or sailing as soon as possible. This was the first trip where I decided to actually enjoy Vancouver a bit. I arrived on Wednesday, the 31st, which was one of the fireworks competition nights. Over the years I've seen this from many vantage points, but I hadn't actually seen it from the Burrard Bridge, so I jumped at the suggestion. Had to check out the new Olympic Village first, though, and I'm pretty impressed. Next time I'm there, I'll take more pictures.

Another day of wandering around Vancouver, and it was time to be hopping on two more ferries, up the Sunshine Coast to visit more ex-Vancouverites. My destination was a place called Savary Island that had billed itself as having "white sand beaches" and the "warmest waters north of Mexico." Still not entirely sure about the latter, but the former is distinctly true. The tides were ideal, far out in the morning and coming in slowly over baking sand as the afternoon progressed. The water was clear enough to watch the little flat fishes scurry away across the sand away from my wanders. Dreamy.

The biggest problem with even extended long weekends, though, is that they end far sooner than you want them to. My one consolation as I headed home was another few hours exploring old haunts and visiting old friends in Vancouver and then the fact that I was merely hopping on a ferry to my own little island. ;-)