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Alexa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Oct 2013

Location: Victoria, Canada

MapI'm a little surprised to realize that I've now lived in Victoria for over a year. Typically, this would be the time when whatever new town I live in starts being taken for granted a bit. I don't think that's actually happening here yet. I'll go for a while kind of forgetting to explore, just sticking to the same old trails. But the fact that it's autumn means that those same old trails are actually looking quite different.

What surprises me a bit is how changed Beacon Hill Park looks even from last autumn. Though theoretically the same season and park the weather conditions this year are vastly different. It's a much wetter year than last year and has made for quite new vistas in familiar places, much greener. I've put up one set of photos showing this, but I suspect a couple of additional photo pages will grace this site before autumn gives way to winter rain.