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Viv’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Jul 2013

Location: Cooktown, Australia

MapWell, Endeavour Reef safely traversed, we didn't go near it due to an extremely over cautious captain, but no one is complaining! Sorry, sorry, sorry I have someone objecting to this story so far..."oh come on Viv are you kidding we were under 4 nm to it and winds were greater than 25 knots, so sensibly the captain gave the crew a broad view of the reef but no one wanted to go up the mast for a birds eye view!" so is everyone clear now about the situation?!! Luckily walloping over the reefs safely we've finally arrived in Cooktown. I love the look of this place, it reminds me of an old country town except in a tropical setting with reminders and memorials to the great Cook himself, Leichhardt, and some cannon to fend off a russian invasion, a gold discoverer, etc., etc. we're now being cooking slackers and all going on to our tender to go and get a pub meal! what else would you do in Cooktown?....... Well I'm back and I have to confess that it wasn't a pub meal but a delicious fillet of coral trout served with chat potatoes and spinach; the best fish meal I've eaten at a restaurant in a long while! Thank you 1770 Restaurant in Cooktown! I failed to mention our day at Cape Tribulation yesterday; it's not usually considered an anchorage but never the less we anchored overnight, it wasn't a still night, fairly 'rolly' but we all managed enough sleep. for all it's remoteness there were quite a few people on the beach, all having nibbles and drinks, kids playing etc., it all seemed very suburban-home away from home?!! So tomorrows plan is to head to Cape Flattery or Lizard Island depending on conditions...tune in, until then, cheers Viv