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Mez’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Sep 2013

Location: Tokyo, Japan

MapWelcome to my first travelblog post. I let you in on some of the highlights I have while in Japan. Hopefully I keep it interesting enough for everyone. If not, I guess it means you are the boring one. Enjoy!

My trip started by waking up sunday morning at 0500 after 2 hours sleep. The flight left Calgary on time and I landed in Seattle no problems. A three hour delay in Seattle on a sunday morning means one thing, drinks. To celebrate going to Japan I went with a traditional Mai Tai. Before you can say I will have another, I was back in the sky.

Normally, a 9.5 hour flight might be tough, but I had plans. My ipod with itd musuc, movies, and podcasts, plus the inflight movies. But my trip already tookca turn with my ipod not working (thanks ios 7) and the headphone jack in the plane also broken. Initially I was annoyed at my ipod, but then I realized uts a good thing. I can really appreciate my trip more now without music in my ears al the tine.

Despite the lack of entertainment and the inability to sleep on a plane, it felt short and was soon arriving in Japan. It took almost a full year but I got here. After being slightly confused in the airport I hopped on a train to Tokyo. On the train I had my first meal in Japan. Nihonshu and noshikun. Sake and squid jerky. So good.

Once I got to Tokyo station I chose an exit at random and headed into Tokyo. Armed with vague directions and a sense if adventure, I went in search of my hotel. Supposedly, I should have made it within 30 mins. 2 hours and some backtracking later, I found my hotel. Using mostly only my newly acquired Japanese I signed in with only some smiling and nodding.

So that brings an end to my first day of traveling in Japan. Some parts have gone right, others went in new directions. Either way, I am loving every minute of it.