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Mez’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Oct 2013

Location: Hakone

MapGood evening to all. Today was not an action packed day. But I think I have reached a point where Up really want to take it easy. It's as lot more tiring to travel the way I an than I thought it would be. Maybe up should actually try to take a break, not just say I will then go full speed ahead. Yah, and maybe the earth will stop spinning.

So this morning I stuffed myself at the breakfast buffet. And bacon. Lots of bacon. now that I think of it, today was only second time I had bacon in japan. They also had whole and cut up fish you could grill yourself, but I passed on that. Sorry fish, bacon wins.

After breakfast I had planned on ching for a quick hike up the mountain/hill right beside the hotel. It was to have lead to popular spot overlooking kobe. However the typhoon that came in and its heavy rains said otherwise.I just left for hakone a bit early.

I thought the weather would improve by the time I arrived in hakone and for a quilter ity looked like it would. But by the time I arrived in the area of my lodging, it was raining hard. Two of the major attractions on the area, a gondola and a sightseeing boat designed like a pirate ship were closed. Hopefully tomorrow has better weather. So after I checked in I took it easy.

Later I enjoyed the onsen here. An onsen is a hot spring. Supposedly this I've iya good for the eyes and sore muscles. It wasnt as hour as the temple bath, but I was good after about 10 minutes. at this ryokan I am at, you can reserve the open air baths for private use, for freezer. That's good because you aren't allowed in the public baths if you have a tattoo. there is still singe negative connotations with tattoos among some people, so some places don't allow tattoos. So even though I was alone in my onsen time, it still feels weird to be naked in a communal place.

And that was my unexciting day. Maybe tomorrow will be as equally exciting. I guess we shall see