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Mez’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Oct 2013

Location: Hakone, Japan

MapHi ya'll. today was pretty laid back, sort of. I didn't rush anywhere, and only went to places I wanted to, but was still out most of the day.

I have managed to adjust my sleeping somewhat. I get up at 545 now instead of 0400. Problem is, in this area I an in nothing opens until 930 or later. I went for a walk before breakfast down to the lake. Luckily the vending machines around here all have the hot canned coffee, so up could have that instead of nothing. I suppose before that I had tea in my room, but that doesn't count. Why? Because I wasnt dressed yet. That's right. If your not dressed, it doesn't count. I didn't make rules.

At breakfast today I encountered two things I had yet to experience. One is that grilled fish that is spread open for you. The spine and tail are still there, as well as the outer part of the head. I didn't have my phone so no picture. Tomorrow maybe. I had no idea how to eat it with chopsticks, so I made a nigh mess and wasnt able to get at all the meat. It was really good, at least the parts I ate. The other food was natto. Natto is fermented beans. they are beret sticky and stringy. They also make a big mess if you touch them. I was looking forward typ trying this since I heard so much about it. I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either. I tried it and that is what matters.

After breakfast I walked down to the pirate ship for the first ride. The lake feels like any lake in bc. It's because most buildings in the area are not japanese style, but rather that sort of swiss, european style. I don't know why it's like that but whatever. near the other end of the lake Mt. Fuji came into view behind us. Or at least the peak did, the lower parts were obscured by clouds. I guess I should mention the skies around the lake were clear, but not towards Mt. Fuji.

After I got off the boat I wandered around a while. I came to another view spot for mt. Fuji, at another non japanese building. By this time however, mt.fuji was completely covered by clouds. I also walked down what remains of an old edo to kyoto highway that had giant cedars on either side. It was once considered a major route, but isnt much bigger than a wide pathway. Still interesting when you think about what it used to be.

I eventually got on another boat (there were three ' ships') back to my original starting point. From there I took a gondola up to an area where old volcanic activity had opened up vents that sulfuric gas escapes from. up there they have a specialty food, black eggs. They boil eggs in the sulfuric spring water and it turns the shells black. If you eat them it is supposed typ extend your life by 7 years. I had one and it was pretty good.

After that I went down the other side of the hill and took a little scenic mountain train. It uses a couple of switchbacks to get down the hill. Once that ride was done I took a bus back to my lodging. That was the extent of my day. I could have done a bit more but I really didn't feel like it.

Tomorrow I head back typ the tokyo area for my last few days. There is more to see and do there that I didn't get to at the start of my trip.