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Mez’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Oct 2013

Location: Tokyo, Japan

MapHi there and welcome to my last post from japan. I leave tomorrow afternoon. I am not really sure what to do all day. A lot of public places are closed on mondays in japan. privately run places are open usually, maybe I will just sir and wait.

So this morning I decided to go see Tokyo Disneyland. I probably would have gone in but before I even arrived they had stopped selling tickets for the day. too many people already. I have a feeling the park isn't as big as its american counterparts and probably sees way more people. Especially on such a nice weekend. I couldn't even get to the front gate for a picture. They do have a shopping mall outside the gates though. So I wandered in there for a while. I have noticed a phenomenon at other tourist places as well as at disneyland. Japanese people love souvenirs. Waking through a disney one, people had baskets full of stuff. I would watch them walk by something, look at it for two seconds and in the basket it went. They were easily spending over $300. After I had all I could stand of the crowds, I left for ueno park.

I guess I eally didn't have though of crowds at disneyland because ueno was just as bad. I hate window shoppers, especially on an already narrow street. Once I had lunch I went into the park proper. They were having some kind of fair as well, but not about food. It seemed to be about resorts and onsens. It didn't stop then from having a children s show with odd mascots.

I went into the nature and science museum. The exhibits were very interesting. it would have been more interesting if I could read japanese. Today they happened to be holding a little mini classical concert put on by a string quartet. It was apleasant way to enjoy my afternoon. With it being warm, my belly full from lunch, and relaxing music, I almost fell asleep. I wasnt the only one. You could see others doing some nodding.

I then just enjoyed the park for a while and headed to my hotel. I could do more but my feet hurt. they never seemed to really adjust to all the walking.

This has been a great trip and a great experience. I am looking forward typ coming home, but there is a small part that just wants to hop on a plane bound for somewhere new. The chances of me doing that are slim typ none though. There is too much to look forward to at home.

I will come back to japan one day, but I wonder where the next trip will be to..