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Andy in Nepal’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Sep 2013

Location: Eckington, England

MapHi, my name is Andy and I have been given a fantastic (as well as a little daunting) opportunity to go and work out in Nepal on behalf of Manisha UK. Manisha UK has carried out some invaluable work out in Nepal, with several volunteers over the past years going out to help schools in and around the Palpa district in central Nepal. They have helped with building projects, given medical advice and helped to improve the standards of education for children in this remote and impoverished region of the World. Currently there are eight schools within our remit, some of which are twinned with UK based schools, who offer support through fundraising activities and letters exchanged between the pupils within the schools.

Last year Johnny Halls, an NQT from Worcester University's PGCE course, spent seven months establishing the twinned schools programme and was greatly successful in his role. My role will be different in that my task is to help create and deliver teacher training sessions to help bring new ideas and approaches to the schools we are working with. I, like Johnny the previous year, have recently gained NQT status having completed the PGCE course at Worcester. I found the course challenging but ultimately really enjoyable and I was very lucky to work in two great schools in Upton upon Severn and Sedgeberrow.

Of course teaching out in Nepal will present many challenges but I am really excited about this project and hope I can make a real difference (after all that is why we become teachers). I will be travelling out with a strong team, Barbara, Alan and Elaine, with whom I have enjoyed working so far in our meetings. For the first six or seven weeks we will all be working together to deliver some teacher education sessions and going out to visit some of the schools. I am really looking forward to working with and learning from them as they bring a wealth of experience with them. From the end of January through to the end of March I will be joined by Rob Davidson, a friend of mine and fellow graduate from the PGCE course at Worcester. A mention must also go to Andy Langman, Steve Tonry and William Thomas who have all made huge contributions to getting us to where we are now and having a programme to implement on our arrival.

A little about me... I grew up in Worcestershire in a small village called Eckington. I studied Psychology with Criminal Justice Studies at University of Plymouth. It is fair to say I did not seamlessly step into a flourishing career - mainly due to not really having a clear idea what I wanted to do. However in amongst working in various different jobs the opportunity arose to travel and I spent eleven months backpacking around the World visiting India, Nepal, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America. On my return to England and worked in financial services but I never really got into this and soon realised that I wanted to be in a role which gave me a greater satisfaction and sense of doing something to help others. Hence my decision to enter teaching. My interest in visiting new places never diminished though and as soon as I was aware of the opportunity to go to Nepal I knew this was something I wanted to do.

My other interests include Rugby, Sailing (I have taken part in 2 Atlantic trips as crew and several trips across the Channel), Kayaking and basically anything outdoorsy!!

I will be leaving in the next few hours and hopefully have everything packed! I have bought lots of interesting things to take out to the children which I hope they will find enjoyable. I am also taking my laminator and I know we are going to be busy making lots of resources such as 100 squares which will be useful aids to the children's learning. I hope this blog will be of interest and will let you know all about what we are doing out in Nepal. I am a little nervous about going as I want to make a real difference, but overall I am excited and looking forward to the challenge ahead.

Will post again soon from Nepal!!

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