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Dylan Ramm’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Jan 2014

Location: Orange Walk- Belize, Belize

MapToday, i had to wake up at 6am in order to board the boat that would take us to Belize City- the mainland (see picture).

45 minutes later, we got off the boat and went to rent a car- to drive to Orange Walk. This car will take us around Belize for the next week.(See picture).
1 hour and a half later, we finally arrived at Orange Walk, and by this time, we were all absolutely starving ... so we found a cheap chinese resturant.

There is quite a large community of chinese in Belize. However, not as large as the community of Mennonite, who are the real reason we came to Orange Walk.

Mennonites are a religous community that origanilly came from the Netherlands in the 1600's (400 years ago). They don't accept any form of technology nor mechanization such as electricity, cars, etc... this means that you'd have to forget your 3ds', ipads, computers and so on. In fact, we got the chance to actually meet plenty of them today.
Later on, we pulled to the side of the road and bought two bags of peanuts from a Mennonite.
Coicidently, my dad is eating his second bag right now as i am writing this... no, now he's finished them.