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Dylan Ramm’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jan 2014

Location: Belize Zoo, Belize

MapToday we left Hopkins and headed for a road side mini-hotel next to the Belize Zoo. We visited twice and the first time we went was in the afternoon - to see all of the Diurnal animals. We saw tons of animals such as: Scarlet Macaws (a bit likeparrot), Crocodiles,
.Harpy Eagles (see picture - they don't look very happy)
.Owls (Barn owls and others)
.Tapiers (a bit like an anteater)
.Spider monkeys
.Howler monkeys
.Smelly hogs - pigs
and lots more Diurnal animals.

We then went on a night tour to see all the nocturnal animals. Animals such as:
.Black Puma (or sometimes called a Panther's)
.Ocelot (like a big tom cat - but fiercer, A.K.A "Tiger Cat".)
.Margay (a bit like an Ocelot)
.Snakes (see picture - my dad had a Boa Contrictor around his neck!)
and even more animals!
It felt strange walking through the jungle in pitch black when animals are growling, screeching and howling nearby.