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Dylan Ramm’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2014

Location: Flores, Guatemala

MapToday, we headed towards the car company to return the car that we rented a week ago that we drove around Belize for a week. We then got into a mini bus where the driver drove us to the Guatemalan border, which took 2 hours and was a peace of cake! When we got past the border, we took a taxi that took just over an hour, and was a nice and relaxing ride. Luckily, the roads were tons smoother than in Belize, where pot holes were on every road you went. We finally arrived in Flores, which is an island in a massive lake, which is oppossite Santa Elana.

By the time we arrived it was 3:00pm and me and my dad were alreadry jumping in the swimming pool, that has a nice view of the sunset.