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Dylan Ramm’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Mar 2014

Location: Cahuita, Costa Rica

MapToday we got a ride to the Sloth Santuary Rescue Centre Where we got to see lots of kinds of sloths. first we got to see Buttercup, the santuary's first and oldest sloth that sits in it's hammock with it's hand out of the hammock chilling there only eating and sleeping. What a life!!! Then we got to see 4 other sloths and pet the while the instructor told us some amazing facts about sloths, such as, a sloth only ever comes down the tree when it needs too poo, or to wee. Or that when a sloth is in danger, it climbs up it's tree at 2 mph (it's fastest speed), until it's predator is out of reach, so sloths are very safe up in the tree. But if it's still being chased it will attack with it's 20 cm claws at a lightning speed (just as fast as a cat would scratch it's opponents).