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The Smiffs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Jul 2014

MapWe're off again - up the end of the street to catch the #2 or #5 to Dam.

But wait!! Last night (around midnight) we had one hell of a thunderstorm and they can't get to Dam on #2 because the lines are down. Luckily #5 which normally goes the same route as #2 has been diverted to come into the back of Dam - right smack bang in the centre of Dam on Ronkin.

Call it my unclean mind (if you like) but the "plinth/column/erection" in Dam Square seemed cominal/ironic as it at the rear of the entrance to Amsterdam's Red Light District and at the front of the Royal Palace - a sort of "up yours and his and hers and yours" statement.

From there we visited the Wester Kerk almost next door Anne Frank's house; the Nieuwe Kerk and the Oude Kerk (all accessible with our I Amsterdam Pass). We did venture into the Royal Palace but as they wanted real Euro, we decided we weren't going to contribute to the Dutch Royal coffers and did a bit of a trip around the Red light District before heading off to the Hermitage Museum for the Silk Road exhibition; then to a pleasant bar for a thirst quencher; and then to a museum voted the best in the Netherlands - the Verzetsmuseum (Dutch Resistance Museum).

We left somewhat depressed after this (by the way, it is a very impressive museum on its depiction of its topic) and returned via Rembrantplein, where we enjoyed the ambience but didn't linger because the bloody smokers spoilt it for us.

Returning to Dam we walked to Spui and found a pleasant smoke free outside bar to have a drink and listen to a mobile nickelodeon (I think? not sure of machine or spelling???)

No siesta today - back to The Poet to finalise our account; get the print out of our boarding passes to Prague and have confirmed our Airport Shuttle for 6.30am tomorrow.

As I did want to return to the sights close to Dam, and Creaky argued against it - she owes me one! So it's good night from me and good night from HER!!!!