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Andy Davina Fun’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Mar 2014

Location: Loch Fyne, Scotland

MapWell exciting, we arrived in Scotland to some pretty cold weather, but after a week we are beginning to enjoy the daily walks. It has taken a bit of time organising all the paperwork for an extended stay here. Today we trekked around Loch Collie-bharr so beautiful with the mossy forest surrounding it and beavers chewing trees and making a few extra dams beside the trail. It was quite surprising to seee them thriving there after being reintroduced not too long ago. Swans and ducks have taken up residence in the beaver dams.
We have been searching around for our own transport this week and looks like we have found a nice Audi estate at minimum cost. We will fly down to London on Tuesday and pick it up, hope it is as it seems on the advertisement. We will then enjoy a nice drive back up to where we are staying over 2 days if we can find our way out of London